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Manufacturing Process

The max from Alomax!

Alomax Panels uses the world renowned kynar 500 OR Hylar 5000 resins
For its exterior grades ensuring long color life and no fungal attacks. The

Surface coating contains 70%PVDF resins. Alomax Panels adhere to strictest tolernances during productions, ensuring durable and flawless composite panels. Alomax uses coils that are coated at the world’s best and reliable manufacturing plants situated across the world. Coils used are double coated with special premium coating to ensure 25-30 microns coating thickless and long lasting gloss (On demand coil coatings can be triple coated coils requiring 30+ micons for special usages).
Our latest technical know-how supported by highly qualified technocrats to experienced quality-driven process ensure quality to our customers’ total satisfaction.
Dedicated towards giving consumers the freedom of translating the structures in their mind into concrete reality, Alomax has given wings to imagination. This is Just the reason why Alomax is the only ACP brand that provides the facility of customization in size, colour, grades of aluminium, Polyethylene and the thickness of panels.

ACPs made by Alucopanel have an impeccable finish, with sparkle, metallic and flashing solid colours. The durability and consistency stands a testimony of commitment to our quality.
The aluminium coils used by Alomax Magnum are of correct alloy Grade and Guage. Drawn in highly precisioned plants these coils produce ACP with appropriate strength, flatness and formability ensuring proper surface pre-treatment paint coating and surface gloss.

Alomax Exterior and Interior ACPs

The most important difference between Alomax Exterior and Interior ACPs is the resin used for surface coating. PVDF resin in usedfor making Exterior grade ACPs and Polyester resin in the case of interior grade ACPs.
For special requirement and opinion our technical cell stands to assist you.